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Le Reverie’s Song Selected As Theme Song For New Horror Film Lake Eerie

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2014: Allie and Lance Henrikson (Star of Lake Eerie and Alien)
Huge Sold Out- Lake Eerie Cast and Crew Party
with Red Carpet Event at the House of Blues Los Angeles


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World Wide Release of Dark Symphony Available Now!!!

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JPEG Dec 2015 Award
Le Reverie Wins the AWARD for “Best Song – Rock- Singer/Songwriter” for their song “Le Reverie- The Dream” – 
Special Thanks to The Akademia!

Le Reverie CD Dark Symphony

Re-Release of Dark Symphony
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Special Thanks to The Pulse Magazine for the Feature on Le Reverie and The Film Lake Eerie


Rockers Against Cancer Benefit – Allie and Le Reverie Featured in
Pulse Magazine Thanks for supporting such a great cause



 LA Music Awards

Winner of the Award for “Breakout Single of the Year” From The Los Angeles Music Awards!!



Leaders - Le Reverie Dark Symphony Art Work

REVIEW Le Reverie “Dark Symphony”

By Rad Chad Reynolds

The long-awaited debut album “Dark Symphony” from Le Reverie has finally been released. Le Reverie is a female-fronted Goth/Prog Metal Band that sounds like a cross of Evanescence and Dream Theater. They will lure you in with their haunting melodies and their dark heavy tracks.
This album will take you on a journey from the haunting tribute to Edgar Allen Poe, “Raven” and the tender ballad “Ghost of You” to the dark progressive title track “Dark Symphony” These songs will have you in a trance with their dark melodies combined with their classic metal sounds. It will rip and tear you apart ever so sweetly and have you crawling back for more. Their songs boast an array of powerful progression and passion while still retaining its heavy metal attitude.
Allie Jorgen’s vocals are amazingly haunting. On “Dark Symphony”  Jorgen is a master of melody, with the gift of enhancing even the most jagged arrangements with her haunting vocals, especially with the Mysterious OG on Keyboards, Jeff Mallow’s shred- like progressive guitar riffs, Roc Boyum’s powerful drumming style and Daniele De Cario on bass backing her up.  And it all shows on one of my favorite songs on this album,  “Le Reverie (The Dream).”
The first pressing of the album comes with a little extra DVD of the video for “Hold Me Down” that you don’t want to miss.
Le Reverie strength is clear, they are an outstanding band who have written a brilliant album featuring powerful songs. Breaking boundaries…”Dark Symphony” demands the attention of diverse fans of Progressive Metal Music. They will be a musical force to be reckoned with for years to come.

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One Comment on REVIEW “Le Reverie “Dark Symphony””

Erik Jurado at 10:50 pm
Great band! This band seemed very professional when we saw them at The Key Club. I don’t know about Evanescence or Dream Theater, so I’ll take your word for it. But, I couldn’t help thinking that this band sounded so much like The Scorpions back in the 70′s when Uli Roth was still in the band. The only difference is that Allie had a much wider range in her vocal style – I would love to see this band again and I would also recommend this release to anyone who may be looking for something a little deeper than mainstream music. Nice article, RadChad!


Like a poem by Edgar Allen Poe, this band’s lyrical obsession with ghosts, darkness and dreams will more than satisfy…       MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE

These songs will have you in a trance with their dark melodies combined with their classic metal sounds. It will rip and tear you apart ever so sweetly and have you crawling back for more!          

Le Reverie worked with Legendary Producer, RonNevison, who worked with Led Zeppelin, Heart and Ozzy Osbourne, just to name a few, at the Famous East West Studios in Hollywood, California to record their debut EP “Truth & Lies”

Le Reverie won the award for “Breakout Single of the Year” from the Los Angeles Music Awards:                                                                                                                                                                       Ron Nevison recently said of Le Reverie –
“Le Reverie is an amazing assortment of musicians and songwriters fronted by Allie Jorgen, destined to be on top!”

Their Full Length CD Dark Symphony was released and won the award for best New Rock CD from the Los Angeles Examiner.



Allie Jorgen and Meredith Majors LIVE

Talking About Lake Eerie and Le Reverie
LIVE ON TELEVISION With Host Christie Philips!!!!!
Actor’s E Television Show



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D.C. Hathaway from D.C. Coast To Coast Internet Radio Imperial Beach, CA just outside of San Diego

  • Jan 29 2015 6:54 AM

D.C. Coast To Coast LOVES LeReverie!!! And so do my viewers & listeners!!! Such great cutting edge music that leaves us always wanting more!!! Keep that great music coming!!!!

Tina perez Hallin SFV 


Cory Woodland Hills

Love this band — they are awesome! Can’t wait to see them live. AlIiE is a rock STAR!

Sheila Ann Los Angeles, C

Great music. You are so very talented!

Vito A.Galati I Philadelphia, Pa

Awesome Vocals, great crunching Vibe !!!!! Vito

Danny Vash and Nite Wolf Albuquerque, NM

Outstanding \m/

Heather Mere Buffalo, NY

great great work on twisted!
All the best-support and network!

Flavored Feel Stockholm, S

Wonderful vibe you got here, from 1 new satisfied fan. Let’s hope you’ll keep it up and produce more great tracks!
/Ronnie, Flavored Feel

Kevin M. Thomas Washington, DC


Stihia Belgrade, RS

AWESOME !! Great vocal, great band !!

Le Reverie “The Dream”